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Getting the Perfect Shave Lather

For the ideal shave you want to ensure that the lather is rich and creamy rather than wet and sloppy. Having a thick layer of foam does not help because of course it is only the soap that's in contact with your skin that has any effect. 

The myth here is that the technique is to build up a head of foam by working it furiously in the bowl and then apply it to your skin with the brush. Not so - this will just waste soap!  You develop the lather on you having taken up a small amount of soap onto the brush.

  • 1. Wet the shave brush thoroughly with warm water. 
  • Goap shave soap lather 1
  • 2. Briefly warm the shaving soap with some hot water to soften it slightly. 
  • Goap shave soap lather 2
  • 3. Work the shaving soap with the brush until a light creamy consistency is obtained, and the brush has taken up soap into the bristles. This should only take about 5 seconds or so -  the idea is to take up as much soap as you need into the brush (and no more!)
  • Goap shave soap lather 3
  • 4. Wet your skin and then work the brush on your skin using the soap in the brush. This is where the foaming happens. Work the brush until the foam changes from a sloppy to a creamy texture. This process develops the perfect lather and lifts & moistens the whiskers for a close shave.
  • Goap shave soap lather 4