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Sink and goat milk soaps
How to Goap

At Goap we are passionate about our products and love what we do.
Cold process soap-making is a wonderful combination of science, cookery and art.

The 'Science' Bit

Records dating back to 2200 BC show the combining of oils, potash and water to make soap - a process called saponification. We replace potash with sodium hydroxide and then substitute water with gorgeous goat's milk, et voilà - GOAP!

Soap has a magical molecule where one end is attracted to water, and the long tail is attracted to grease and grime, which means when you rinse they get cleaned away with the water. The glycerine resulting from the saponification reaction is a natural moisturiser which leaves the skin supple.

Goap soap molecule

The 'Cookery' Bit

Our recipes are developed using the best oils and butters to create our batters.

These batters are carefully hand-mixed in small batches, moulded and hand-cut. They are then left to mature for a minimum of 6 weeks.
Goap soap making

The 'Art' Bit

We choose to keep some of our soaps simple, to be enjoyed in their natural form with minimal additives. On the other hand with others we allow ourselves a little artistic flourish by adding further colours, scents and textures to stimulate the senses.
Goap soap mixed bag

And Finally...

All our recipes undergo a rigorous approval procedure carried out by independent chemists to ensure that they comply with strict EU regulations and - above all - to help us share our confidence and delight in Goap.
Goap soap approval