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Now Wash Your Hands

Thanks to COVID-19 we are all washing our hands much more frequently, which is wonderful. Soap is by far the most effective agent to combat the coronavirus. To find out why, and what to do if you are concerned about drying your skin out or if you have sensitive skins that react to over-washing, read on.

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Goap Shaving Soaps

Where have all the hipster beards gone...? Answer: shaving is back in fashion. Classic style. Step in Goap, with its quality shaving soaps for girls and boys. A shave should be satisfying, effective and uncomplicated. We are proud to introduce our new range of shaving soaps. Marble and Slate: they rock!

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Getting the Perfect Shave Lather

For the ideal shave you want to ensure that the lather is rich and creamy rather than wet and sloppy. Having a thick layer of foam does not help because of course it is only the soap that's in contact with your skin that has any effect.  The myth here is that the technique is to build up a head of foam by working it furiously in the bowl and then apply it to your skin with the brush. Not...

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