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Sink and goat milk soaps
Why Goap

Goap is all about providing soap that we all want: soap that feels good to use, is good for the skin, and is good for the environment.

Of course, Goap bars look wonderful, and they are. However we strive to make the main quality intrinsic to the soap itself.

All Goap recipes have been developed with dedication, progressing from the look to the benefits and feel of the soaps - from the exploratory back to the practical.

All products have been tested on willing animals: ourselves & our families! The objective was a collection of wholesome bath products to keep coming back to, and to avoid having to buy synthetic ones again – for skin, hair or shaving.

We believe you will feel the same. It’s about feeling pampered. And feeling it every day.

Goap soap prototypes

Goap - back to what a soap should be.

Good for the skin - how?

We carefully select quality oils and butters to produce a fabulous creamy lather without the need for added detergents or 'foaming agents'.  Goap contains no palm oils, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, phosphates, preservatives or SLS/SLES. However, it does contain moisturising glycerine that is removed from most commercial bars in order to sell elsewhere.

The provenance of our raw materials is important. Colours and fragrances are all created from ethically-sourced ingredients.  The gorgeous aroma of Goap bars comes only from pure essential oils.

And then there's the star ingredient... goat's milk.

Fairy the goat, goat milk soap

Meet Fairy.

Goap obtains its milk from a variety of small-holders and larger dairy suppliers in Cheshire, the home of dairy.

These range from a small supplier within 5 miles of Goap near Sandbach which has a growing herd of about 10 free-range goats that we have come to know as individuals (including Fairy), to a larger dairy based in Knutsford which can fill in for any irregular milk flow from smaller suppliers.

For Goap, animal welfare and contentment is priority and in all cases this is independently verified.

Goat's milk is rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin A which is known to aid the repair of damaged skin tissue, and is high in alpha hydroxy acids which help remove dead cells from the skin's surface.

The cream in goat's milk helps boost the moisturising quality of our bars, making them suitable for all skin types - especially those with dry or sensitive skin and those suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

To learn more about how we make our soap, click here.

Good for body and soul.

Plastic bottles of liquid body wash, shower gels, shampoos and shaving products together with the majority of mass-produced solid soap bars contain a cocktail of synthetic chemicals which are often harsh on both our skin and our environment...

Goap helps dispense with plastic bottles

...not so with Goap.

As the push to reduce plastic waste gathers momentum many manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike are striving either to use recyclable plastics (with their associated processing burden) or preferably to dispense with plastics altogether.

Goap products are all solid-form, which makes them travel-friendly and removes the need for liquid-proof containers. Packaging uses only recyclable non-plastic materials, with strictly no single-use plastics or pressurised containers (often declined by recycling centres). This means unwanted packaging is not foisted on the customer.

Take care of yourself and the environment