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Goap Shaving Soaps

Marble, Slate and Wood offer exquisite shaving experiences and turn a chore into a joy.

Where have all the hipster beards gone...?
Answer: shaving is back in fashion.
Classic style.

Step in Goap, with its quality shaving soaps for girls and boys -  and everyone in between!

A shave should be satisfying, effective and uncomplicated. A rewarding moment of pampering that doesn't intrude on your day.

We are proud to introduce our new range of shaving soaps that give you just that. All with Goap's conscience-free packaging: no single-use plastic, no aerosols.

 We give you
Marble, Slate and Wood

Marble is a milk white colour and creates a creamy soft lather, with excellent slip and ease of use with all razors.

Goap Marble shaving soap


Slate is a charcoal black puck which forms a dense creamy lather through which the razor glides effortlessly.

Goap Slate shaving soap


Wood has a mellow, heady scent of cedar and cypress essential oils and the eye-catching contours of woodgrain running through the soap.

Goap Wood shaving soap

These shaving soaps deliver very close and easy shaves, leaving no lingering residues and no need for further washing or treatments. Just rinse, and your skin is left feeling relaxed and moisturised.


Slate Shaving Soap Review


Dispense with the Unwelcome Dispensers

Goap is built on environmental conscience. Our products eschew single-use plastics and ingredients that are harmful to our planet and its inhabitants.

Goap's shaving soap falls in line with that principle. We offer Marble and Slate in two forms:

  • a travel-friendly reusable tin with a screw lid - this doubles as a handy shave bowl that can be sealed for travel
  • or as a refill puck for your trusty shave bowl, or for the tin you bought earlier. The puck drops in and you press it into place. This is how we make all the tinned products ourselves, so we know how effective it is!


To learn more about Marble and Slate take a look at our Shaving Soap Collection.

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Getting That Perfect Lather

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Shaving Accessories

At Goap we make great soap - we do not seek to offer complete shaving solutions. There are many fine razors and accessories out there. Goap shaving soap enhances them all.

However, for convenience, Goap offers some simple yet elegant accessories to accompany our Shave Soap to get you on the road - see our Accessories Page.